Hello Friends and Family,

Over two years ago, the Lord put it on my heart to write a book on exposing the spirit of suicide and how to overcome this spirit.  As you know, Conrad and I visit as many villages in Alaska as we possible can each year to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Word and Spirit, with healing and deliverance for Gods people.

Last October 2015, as I ministered in Alaska there were so many suicides happening all at once that I was literally disgusted.  It was like an “onslaught” of the enemy.  Every time I turned around on that trip, I would hear of another suicide, or a suicide attempt.  When I arrived home to Reno, NV after this trip, I could no longer ignore the assignment the Lord had given me to write this book, YOUR UNSEEN ENEMY REVEALED.

“Over 16 years ago, I woke up one morning in Anchorage, Alaska with an overwhelming, evil presence in the room.  Although I couldn’t see anyone, I could swear there was another person in the room besides myself.  This presence was forcing me to pick up a gun and point it at my head.

In this book is my personal life testimony of how the Lord Jesus delivered me from not only suicide but sexual abuse and addiction.  They all run together!  This book will take you from my personal life story, through how to overcome by the word of God, and stay free!


To write this book was a very humbling experience.  It wasn’t something I had ever planned on doing of my own ability, but my testimony of what the Lord Jesus has done in my life BELONGS TO HIM.  It is no longer my testimony but His.

I feel its important to let you know that not one word of this book was written outside the anointing.  Every time I would sit down to write I would be sure to wait on the Holy Spirit first for His presence.  This is one of those books that literally carries the anointing and impartation on it. If I could describe this book in two words, it would be SPIRITUAL WARFARE.

This book gives every reader a chance to be set free from this suicide devil, and receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.


This book is an AMAZING EVANGELISTIC TOOL.  You can hand it to someone who doesn’t not know the Lord and they will be saved by the time they are done reading the book!  For this reason we have setup an “evangelist pack” to order books at bulk pricing.


Alaska, where I invest a great deal of time ministering, has been ranked as one of the highest suicidal rates in the nation per capita.  Alaska has 22 suicides per 100,000 population.  There were 167 suicides alone in 2014.  Thanks to prayer warriors in Alaska it has dropped from being the number one position to the number two position in the country.

Although this book is for anyone and everyone, our mission that the Lord has given this ministry is to distribute this book into EVERY VILLAGE IN ALASKA.  As prayer continues from our prayer warriors, its is also time to release a tool that will equip people to:

1.  Overcome suicide, addiction and abuse by the Word of God
2.  Equip others to minister by Gods anointing in power to set people free from this devil.

There are hundreds of villages to reach, our goal is to give away one book per household for each village.  In order to get our first shipment to begin this mission we are in immediate need of $7,000 which will service 2,333 households with the potential of reaching over 13,000+ people.

Please pray and ask the Lord if you should partner with us in this mission.  If you desire to help sponsor books for this cause you may click the button below. 

With your special partner gift of $250+ or above we have reserved a FULL COLOR LIMITED EDITION of this book as a gift to you that has special pictures of EVERY VILLAGE we have ministered in the last four years.

Every gift is tax deductible under the IRS 501c (3) code.

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