“Your Unseen Enemy Revealed” by Dr. Maria Krinock is helping thousands of people today!

“Over 16 years ago, I woke up one morning in Anchorage, Alaska with an overwhelming,evil presence in the room. Although I couldn’t see anyone, I could swear there was another person in the room besides myself. This presence was forcing me to pick up a gun and point it at my head.”

In this book you will find the life story of how Dr. Maria Krinock overcame suicide, addiction, depression and sexual abuse. In this book Dr. Maria exposes the real enemy, and teaches how to overcome this enemy by nothing less than the Word of God.


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Permanent Healing!

Dr. Maria Krinock has written the definitive work on the subject of suicide and how to approach the treatment and permanent healing from a spiritual perspective. This work is nothing less than a textbook and should be on the desk of every professional involved with helping people. Very little has been written about this subject and certainly nothing with this degree of clarity and insight with the power to permanently deliver the suicidal individual from the spirit of suicide.

~Dr. Sammi J. Ripley
Bangor, ME

A Solution to the Problem

This insightful and inspirational book provides a spiritual solution to the problem of suicide among the natives in Alaska, and anywhere for that matter!  This very personal story is a must read to anyone thinking of taking their own life.  Read it; the life you save may be your own.”

~Reverend William H. Nicholson

Sr. Pastor, Anchorage Moravian Church &
President of United Alaska Moravian Ministry group Anchorage, Alaska

A Real Life Story

This is the story of a real life, a real battle and how to achieve and maintain the authority and power to overcome every devil! Maria has opened up her heart and most private, personal life to share with you the answer to the victory over suicide. Suicide rages in the state of Alaska as if it were some super power but Maria calls this evil spirit out and by the Word of God exposes the deceitful and defeated thing that it truly is. I have watched Maria’s life for 20 years and continue to cheer at the anointed and powerful Woman of God that she has become.

~Candy Sunderland, Palmer, Alaska

A Tool to Correct the Problem

Suicide is epidemic in Alaska and leaves a wide swath of destruction in its wake. Dr Krinock’s testimony and life experience recorded in this book will be a good tool in helping to correct this problem. I highly recommend anyone dealing with suicidal thoughts to read this book.

~Pastor Dick Strutz
Anchorage, Alaska

There Is Finally An Answer!

Over the past 30 years of ministry I have struggled with a definitive way to help bring healing to those who struggle with suicide and the spirit of suicide. It is time to recognize what this epidemic is, call it out, cast it out and see America’s young people delivered. This is absolutely the best resource on the topic I have read. I commend Maria for her honesty and believe thousands of lives will be saved through this work.

~Apostle JoLynn DiGrazia
Westside Ministries, Turlock, CA

The Truth Shall Set You Free!

“And you shall know the truth , And the truth shall set you free.” Jesus Christ (John 8:32) Thanks to Dr. Maria Krinock, we now have spiritual insights in how to be free from the spirit of suicide. Please read and share her story with your family and friends.

~Pastor Lowell Sage Jr
Kivalina Friends Church
Alaska Statewide Suicide Prevention Council , membe

This Is A MUST Read!

Dr. Maria’s straight talk about the reality of an enemy that is out to destroy and the powerful testimony of a God who delivers us out of this snare brings great hope, help and healing. This is a must read!

JoAnne Meckstroth
Women of Impact Ministries

During my time in Alaska I fell in love with the Alaskan people. It’s been our pleasure to return to have yearly schools of signs and wonders and, at these meetings, see many of our friends from the villages—some who come from as far as Barrow.

I have seen with my own eyes the need for help, especially to the village teenagers. Maria Krinock has earned a doctorate from The International Miracle Institute and we are honored to endorse her ministry and her work in the villages of Alaska.

God’s Servant,

Dr. Robin Harfouche